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It is quite an honor for me to have your visit in my blog. This blog is about antique bicycle, which i have collected during my visit to places in suburban areas. These bicycles were sold at a very cheap price to me by the vendors, who were actually not pure vendors. They were just a "hand over" people. They handed over theirs to me just to make sure that theirs will be for collection only. And not for sell nor thorn a part for cannibalism.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Dames Fongers dated 1922

Frame Serial Number 133162-2,
bought on 22nd April 2011, the fifth hunting

Although this bicycle looks so old, but it is light to carry. The frame seen already roosted, which makes it so antique. The break components are still original, attached by rusty screws. When the wheels spin, it creates beautiful "click" sound, and a leather saddle adding the contained antique value .

The Background Story

When me and my husband bought 2 old bicycles and wanted to keep it for a while in the vendor's warehouse, we saw it stood still in that warehouse. Under the shadow of darkness in the warehouse, i couldn't see clearly in details. As we were transporting the two other bicycles into the warehouse, the vendor saw that my eyes were looking at this roosted bicycle. He offered me this bicycle, and I was shock in deed for unbelievable price, a very cheap price. He said it is better to sell it to me, so the "soul" of this bicycle will able to remind exist.

Without a second taught, i agreed with his offer. By husband, once, argued with me, what's for buying another one. But, i just followed my intuition. The words of the skinny guy, who gave me Ladies Hercules King Special Edition, has ring a bell in my head. My sincere intuition was, this bicycle is very old, roosted, and i am concerned about its well-being in the future. I just think, i should rescue it from cannibalism. Some vendors may come and buy it, just for cannibalism, sell it in partition.

I called Olivia Paliama, my friend in my hometown, and asked her mother, if she is still interested in having an antique bicycle, as she told me the other day. She said yes, and is willing to transport this bicycle to her house in Jakarta immediately.

The next day we took all bicycles and transported it to my aunty's house. When i placed this old roosted bicycle against a white wall, just like in the taken picture, it so beautiful. I looked for any data about this bike by the help of my aunty, Ronalda Tomasowa. I found detail information on a dutch websitei on http://www.fongers.net/modelnummering.htm, that this bicycle was produced in 1922.

At the following day, i transported this bicycle to Jakarta, and called Olivia's mother to send her the picture and the detail information about it. She was very surprised and happy to know it. She told me that, when she was young, she stayed in the sugar factory owned by the Dutch in 1935s. Her grand father, a french citizen, who was as the factory head near Cirebon, gave her a dames bicycle, which is exactly like the one i found for her.

I asked Olivia also to promise, never sell it to other people. When she is bored with this bicycle, then she should return it back to me. But, i am so pleased, that she loves this bicycle also, and will not sell it to anyone.


The Frame Serial Number

A Gazelle Saddle

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